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Product List

Item #Common Name/L Number
Scientific NameLocale/RiverSizePricePer 5Per 10
1L177 Gold NuggetBaryancistrus xanthellus
2L333 Black and Gold King TigerHypancistrus sp.
Sao Felix do Xingu 
3L398 TankeiPanaque tankei
4L031 Pepperment Parancistrus nudiventri
5L134 Leopard FrogPeckoltia compta
6L134 Leopard FrogPeckoltia compta Tapajos
7L014 SunshineScobiancistrus aureatusXingu8"-9"$248.992/$468.994/$699.99
8L014 SunshineScobiancistrus aureatusXingu10"+$278.992/$499.994/$799.99
9L034 MedusaAncistrus ranunculus Xingu4"$38.99
10L168 ButterflyDekeyseria brachyuraNegro3"$18.99$74.99$144.99
11L075 ParaPeckoltia sabajiOrinoco7"$48.99
12L075 ParaPeckoltia sabajiColombia4"$38.99
13L147Peckoltia/Ancistomus sp.Colombia
5.5"+$38.99 Breeding Group 1 Male 3 Female $138.99
14L134 Leopard FrogPeckoltia comptaJamanxim4"$119.99
15L174Hypancistrus sp.
16L201Hypancistrus sp.Orinoco4"+$28.99
17L046 ZebraHypancistrus sp.Xingu1.5"$149.99Tank Raised and $99.99/Inch No Group Pricing
18L046 ZebraHypancistrus sp.Xingu3"$299.99 Tank Raised and $99.99/Inch No Group Pricing
19L121 WormlinePeckoltia BraueryGuyanaComing Soon
20L170Peckoltia spAbacaxisComing Soon
21L243Ancistomus wernekeiOrinocoComing Soon
22LDA067 ClownPanaque sp.MetaComing Soon
23L082 OpalScobiancistrus sp.XinguComing Soon
24L082 OpalScobiancistrus sp.Xingu3"$299.99
25L191Panaque sp.Caguán4"$18.99
26Super Red BristlenoseAncistrus sp.TR2"-3"$18.99
Corydoras sp.
CW045Cory sp.Mato Grosso2"$24.99$99.99$199.99-> Free Shipping
CW051Cory sp.ColombiaComing Soon
Slate Cory Corydoras ConcolorVenezuelaComing Soon
Black CoryCorydoras ConcolorVenezuelaComing Soon
Skunk CoryCorydoras arcuatusHumaitáComing Soon
Elegant CoryCorydoras elegansAmazonasComing Soon
Horseman's CoryCorydoras equesAmazonasComing Soon
Rabaut's CoryCorydoras RabautiNegroComing Soon
Elongated Bronze CoryCorydoras MelanotaeniaOrinocoComing Soon
David SunsetCorydoras sp.OrinocoComing Soon
Yellow CoryCorydoras sp.Coming Soon
SangamaCorydoras virginiaeComing Soon
Fairy CoryCorydoras atropersonatusComing Soon
CW002Corydoras sp YabushiComing Soon
Ninja WoodcatTatia musaicaVenezuela2"$19.99
Ninja WoodcatTatia musaicaVenezuela3"-4"$34.99
Oil Woodcat - LemonCentromochlus perugiaePeruComing Soon
Oil WoodcatCentromochlus perugiaePeruComing Soon
Other Fish
Atabapo Red PikeCrenicichla lugubrisNegroComing Soon
Suriname EartheaterGeophagus proximusAmazonasComing Soon
Panda UaruUaru fernandezyepeziaColombiaComing Soon
Salminus Sp.Salminus Sp.Peru TamshiyacuComing Soon

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